The Founding

Hi there, I'm Scott! I served over 5 years of active duty military service in the United States Air Force. During my time in the Financial Management career field, I honed a skillset in understanding organizational structures, how they work, and how to organize them. These skills were acquired while stationed at the Air Force Financial Services Center (AFFSC) in Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota and at the Financial Services Office (FSO) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

When not working on MOORMA, I spend a lot of my time researching and combating an unknown chronic illness that I'm afflicted with, providing me with a unique perspective. The various tools developed and method of structuring information are intended to help offset and augment the cognitive deficiencies generated by my affliction. My unique military and life experience, in combination with the entrepreneurial spirit, is what has led to the formulation and creation of MOORMA.

I hope you find enjoyment and usefulness in MOORMA as much as I do!