MOORMA (Mobilize, Organize, Manufacture)

MOORMA was conceptualized as a means of empowering people who understand the necessity of getting involved in social and political issues locally or nationally, yet do not know where to begin or how to proceed. It consists of three phases: Mobilize, Organize, and Manufacture. In the first phase, people are mobilized by informing them of a mutual problem that requires a unified response. For the second phase, people are organized in such a manner that transforms vulnerabilities into strengths, effectively establishing a formidable organization that operates in a very fluid capacity. Finally, the individuals within the organization are able to take action and bring a resolution to the problem that preceded the organization's inception.

The intent of this website is to provide tools, methods, and function as a medium for people who share common interests, regardless of their background, to communicate concerns at the local, State, or national level. Such communications are critical in accurately addressing and peacefully resolving important issues.

MOORMA is currently in its infancy stage.